Tampa Bay Inventors councilJohn Smelser, CEO of Delaney Manufacturing, gave a presentation this week at the Tampa Bay Inventors Counsel. The talk included ways Delaney helps inventors with everything from CAD Drawing, Prototyping, Manufacturing, and packaging. Mr Smelser brought along some injection mold and samples of several of the finished products Delaney helped bring to market, allowing would-be inventors a chance to see how others have been able to use Delaney Manufacturing to realize their dreams of bringing their inventions to life.

 The Tampa Bay Inventors council is a group of talented men and women inventors who network and support each other through semi-monthly meetings. Some of our members are professional inventors who have many patents. Some are even just novices who wish to learn. Delaney hopes to be able to serve many more of these inventive people and help them show their genius to the world with innovative products.


Delaney Manufacturing LLC, Bradenton, FL