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Delaney Manufacturing exclusive makers of the Tumble Tie

Tumble TieDelaney Manufacturing, a leader in injection molding of plastic products and components, announced today that they are now the exclusive manufacturer for the Tumble Tie™, a tool to help tie hooks and lures. The Tumble Tie™ is a unique fishing tool that makes tying hooks on your line quick, easy, and safe.


Since man started using hooks for fishing, he had to inevitably use band-aids as well. Many old fishermen sport scars from fish hooks, many of them just from getting lines tied to their hooks properly. The Tumble Tie avoids painful mishaps, for expert and beginner fishermen alike. Just insert your hook into the Tumble Tie™, roll it down your thigh, then run the end through the loop - and you're ready to fish!

Tumble Tie™ InstructionsMade by Delaney Manufacturing right here in the USA, and made from 100% recycled plastic, the Tumble Tie™ is a simple answer to an age-old problem. The creators are located in Slocomb, AL and can be reached at (334) 793-6956. For more information, see their product whitepaper here: Tumble Tie Brochure





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