Dog BowlsWith all the news about politics and the economy, people forget that others are suffering that have no voice. Delaney Manufacturing, Florida's leader in plastic injection molding, announced today that they are donating 360 custom printed dog bowls and 130 of their BagBunny grocery carrying handles to Last Day Dog Rescue of Livonia, MI for a fund raising event later this month. The proceeds will go to help hundreds of these forgotten pets get rescued from a certain death.

Last Day Dog Rescue focuses on rescuing dogs from the "Urgent" list in Shelters and pounds across lower Michigan and Parts of Ohio. They hold a special place in their hearts for the big and black dogs, even ‘ugly’ dogs (who they don't find ugly at all!) and the special senior dogs. These dogs most often get overlooked and passed up in shelters and pounds everywhere for puppies, small breeds, and the ‘prettier’, lighter colored dogs. Last Day "swoops in" and rescues these animals on the day they are scheduled to be put down.

Along with the printed dog bowls, Delaney Manufacturing is also donating 130 of their BagBunny grocery carrying handles to help out these dog loving heroes in Michigan. Last Day contacted Delaney back in August 2010 about the request, apparently in response to another article on their website about plastic dog bowl manufacturing. For more information about Last Day Dog Rescue, visit their website at


Delaney Manufacturing LLC, Bradenton, FL