Spiker Beverage Holder06-14-2010 Bradenton, FL - Delaney Manufacturing, a Florida leader in plastic injection molding manufacturing company, has finalized an agreement to manufacture the Spiker Beach Beverage Holder for a Tallahassee based company. Beach-goers can enjoy the convenience of having a place to keep their beverages clean and sand free right next to their beach towel, chair or blanket, while advertising the seller's company, restaurant or hotel.

Plastic Molded Beverage Holder

The Spiker Beach Beverage Holder is a sure head-turner, sporting various bright colors, while giving their vendors fantastic value for their advertising dollar. Made of safe and long lasting durable plastic, it will be used over and over, for years to come. It is the perfect item for promotional campaigns involving hotel convention meetings, sporting events. and more; it's also a great item for beach tourist stores and retail gift shops. to advertise their companies.


Delaney Manufacturing LLC, Bradenton, FL