fence post manufacturingDelaney Manufacturing, a Florida based plastics manufacturing company specializing in plastic components, will start production this week on custom Fence Post Caps. This new inventor came to Delaney with only a wooden model and a dream.

fence post manufacturingDelaney Manufacturing helped this entrepreneur with professionally designed CAD drawings and provided a 3D Printed Prototype. Supervising the mold construction, Delaney experts also suggested using ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate); ASA is a perfect resin for this project because it resists fading and discoloring even in severe, outdoor use. ASA also resists heat, salts, fuels and detergents. Beyond that, it’s tough, lightweight and provides enhanced color stability, maintaining its gloss and color throughout years of exposure.

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Delaney Manufacturing LLC, Bradenton, FL