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Delaney Manufacturing Expands Injection Molding Operations

Bradenton Florida - Delaney Manufacturing announced yesterday that it has added additional molding machines in its Bradenton Florida facility.  In an effort to meet their customers’ needs, the company has brought on line an 80 Ton over-molding shuttle press and a 160 ton injection molding machine in the last two months.

"We are aligning ourselves for anticipated growth with several customers converting from metal components to plastic" said a company spokesman. Plastic Injection Molding is much cheaper than metal component manufacturing, and in most cases, lasts longer than metal components. Delaney has also added more equipment to meet their demands for decorative printing and is working with local companies to build auxiliary equipment for their secondary operations.

Despite the economic down turn, Delaney is anticipating double digit growth in 2010. "There seems to be a lot of activity with customers looking at alternative methods for making a more cost effective product and plastic is a likely candidate" said John Smelser CEO of Delaney Manufacturing. "There are over 80,000 different types of plastic materials and we have had good success in finding the right material to meet our customers needs."

About Delaney Manufacturing - Delaney's Principals have over 35 years experience in processing and plastics manufacturing. Delaney specializes in lowering machine cycle times, scrap reduction, plant scheduling, and in secondary operations of assembly, printing, and packaging. With Molding Machines From 55 to 500 tons, and shot size to 125oz, Delaney Manufacturing is large enough to meet any need, yet small enough to provide excellent customer service.

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