Give us a try. It won’t cost you a thing!

Are you using expensive metal components in your products that should be made of plastic? Generally, plastic components are far less costly than metal ones and, many times, actually offer better performance than metal. With over 80,000 grades of plastic on the market today, the possibilities are endless.

Let us help you explore those possibilities. Send us a drawing or part and we’ll get started. We will work with you to determine if it can be manufactured of plastic, perform to your specifications, and be cost effective. If plastic makes sense, we will submit a proposal that will take the project from start to finish.

Our proposal will include the resin that we believe is best suited to the product, quotes for tooling and a per-part price, along with a detailed time-line showing when you can expect to have product in your hands.


Delaney Manufacturing LLC, Bradenton, FL