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Our Process

From Invention to Bringing it to Market

So you have an idea for a great product. Congratulations! But where do you go from here? Maybe you have a prototype, or just a sketch on a napkin, and no idea what to do next. Here is the typical 'flow' of a new product or invention on it's journey to the shelves of retail stores.

  1. Drawings -  Every great invention or new product starts with an idea, some drawings, maybe a patent or two. We'll take whatever you have and create 3D CAD Drawings made and revise them as needed until they accurately depict the invention. Accurate drawings are crucial for Patent Attorneys, 3D Prototyping, Investors, Mold Builder, Manufacturing and more.
  2. Prototype - If you already have an accurate prototype or need us to make one for you, prototypes will save you time and money, allowing you to touch, feel, test, use and market your invention before manufacturing begins.
  3. Marketing or Manufacturing First (or both?) - If you're going to manufacturing first, we build molds and gear up for production. We then manufacture the product, take the finished product to market, and product is ready to ship to buyers.

    If you are doing Marketing first, you can begin marketing your drawings and prototype, get commitments from investors, buyers and distributors. Then we start building molds, gearing up and manufacturing.

    Want to do both? We will build the molds and gear up simultaneously with marketing your prototype or drawings.

It's that easy with Delaney. See our easy to understand flowchart for reference and visit our Inventor's FAQ. Contact us at (941) 225-8209 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

inventors flowchart

This is our 130 ton plastic injection molding machine making parts for use in water heaters. It shows the robot removing the sprue and runners and dropping them into a barrel for recycling.

This is a 16 cavity, four-drop hot runner mold. We make 200,000 of these parts every month for one customer.

Our 250 Ton Molding machine is producing components for a product used in the marine industry.

The resin is 33% fiberglass-filled Nylon 66. The wall thickness and reinforcing ribs make this part very robust and capable of performing well in the demanding environment in which it will be used.

The mold is built from H-13 tool-steel and is a single cavity design. Multiple brass insert have been over-molded into the component which provide metal threads for the assembly bolts.


We can help you take your project every step of the way, from concept to shipping the finished product to Distributors. Use us for every step, or just the ones you need help with.

  • 3-D CAD DRAWINGS Drawn for the Injection Molding process
  • PROTOTYPING Rapid Prototyping in days, not weeks
  • MANUFACTURING Short runs or high volume
  • ASSEMBLY Component and Product Assembly
  • PACKAGING For the retail or wholesale market
  • SHIPPING Directly to your distribution center

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